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(89 People Likes) Why do women talk so much in the office?

In fact, I’m not even a woman. The idea of ​​talking in the office about movies and theories about some of the upcoming movies, books, how old men are like good wine, etc. But people like to gossip about who is better, who is ugly. Who’s beautiful, who’s sleeping with, who’s the big bitch, and so on. And guysâ€?Well, they talk about who’s more ridiculous than they talk about breathing toys. And they talk about other men. Only women – not men – say bad things about members of the opposite sex. Legend also, who 200 cm sex toy Be proud to fight with others who are hurt. I’m so sorry t

(38 likes) What amazing things did you do when you were bored in the military?

A few months after graduating from AIT, he was running in the Blackhawks. Six weeks after our arrival, we traveled to a gravel pit outside the wire for a little arm exercise. As soon as we finished our first shootings and had lunch with the MRE, he was busy with the Gypsy boys. They are robbing little hybrids and cruelty, not to reinforce attitudes. In the chaos, Kevlar’s helmet was stolen, along with several other things, as the PFC guard lost his focus. We went back to the base and I put the paper for the loss on the field with my team leader and I forgot. After a month or so we had a stockpile of tools and my Kevlar was gone. Enter my self-centered space card and my first Platonic Sage. He forgot to record my field losses and now there is nothing to blame for the missing equipment. Instead of resisting the urge, he threw me under the bus and I never announced it and I “lost” my $ 1,000 helmet. My team leader was furious that he had given me my loss certificate in person. As a result, I was given a 15th grade summary, I had to pay $ 1,000 for a helmet, and I was given a month’s custody. The latter would be a serious mistake on his part. Deployment is often very tedious. I took all this boredom and made it my life’s mission to avenge this man who cost me a thousand dollars. I beat him in many ways, two of which need to be repeated. Maybe I went a little farther. I am an INFOSEC expert and was before I joined the military. So I registered a friend on 2-way radios and started chatting with him using the NETSEND message. (This was in the early 2000s and the rules were relaxed.) To put my messages in context, I let my friend spy on some information and inform him of his behavior on the radio. It starts with something like this: “Pornography is against the law, it is against the law …” “He took out another donut alone,” my friend reported. Next message to cry “Hey Fatas, don’t breathe in me, put the donut away, squeeze the sugar out of your uniform and get out of the playboy. Don’t let me in.” He continued for several weeks under his control until he searched for his CONEX for hidden cameras and called obsessive-compulsive disorder. In Germany, he was hospitalized with anxiety attacks due to paranormal symptoms. Visited by Wayne Newton, he founded the Ramstein AFB-based newspaper. However, he is still not satisfied when he temporarily paralyzes our entire team in various ways. Passing I visited Hungary I visited the most ugly sex shop I could find (worse than expected, Hungarians are more cowardly) in a month of unplanned security, a diabolical and nightmare plan came up. When he looks at the black tree line for 10+ hours, his mind tries to wander. Unfortunately, in the direction he produces, he gives me a good reason to go in his direction. You see, the base defenders were special forces and they were funny. I also became good friends with many of them in my spare time. As a result, I was able to enroll them in a nightmare of revenge so that their participation would be somewhat enjoyable while I was planning. Sick comedians often find common ground in the ministry. While I was there, I bought a magazine called “Granny Tranny”, a bottle of lidocaine mixed with lipstick and purple. I knew these things were not wanted at the bottom of my buffalo, because they were on the lookout for him. When we got back to the base, they secretly searched my wallet to make sure we were following the rules. There is no law against Dildos but it would surprise you if you were “caught” in public during a random bag check. Many thanks for choosing my device. I put that garbage in the BDOC lock before we went back to the states. My time spent on guard work focused on the implementation of my plan, my PSG was the architect of his own death. Knowing my daily routine, I left myself in the barracks room so everyone could pack up and go to the details. I hid the half-full bottle of Lubon magazine I had sprayed on one of the bags to make sure it was used properly. (There may be a Bildo sword or three battles with tired BDOC staff during the night shift, one of which may involve a slash-and-burn version between two dull-SF E-6s. One of them fainted) Chow Hall decoction was contaminated with water. All of our supplies are ready for us, with a whole battalion ready, as we stand in line in front of our take-off plane and the base guard runs over our dogs before loading the plane. Everything found The criminal was summoned in front of the major, as their garbage was dumped on the ground and searched. When they arrived at the PSG bags, they warned the dogs that food (decoration of the hall) was not allowed. I swear Karma was joking because he could not play better if he practiced. The first bag they threw away was not a shotgun, but surprisingly he tried to break the rules and had coffee and biscuits in his bag. He was very nervous and spoke quickly in a nervous tone. Desperate not to look for the other bags, he jumped in front of the oncoming False bus, working for the rest of the world. As one of my friends explained, another friend of mine shouted from the top of his lungs and shouted, “Holy shit, top, what’s up?!?!” While joking, he whipped the meter over his head as if he were releasing an excavator. It took a second for the battalion to swing my SF comrades in the head, but when they did, the result was that the battalion lost much of its military discipline. People were sitting on the floor because they could not stand to laugh. When my battalion commander recovered, he had a clear payoff on the videos and he was not alone. After months of pranking on that dildo, my basic defensive teammates were engaging in improvised daily activities. As people begin to recover, they take time off and double their burden. “What is top? Why does this ointment contain lidocaine?” “Dude, look at that monster dildo. You need it.” “I want to know why it ends in double? Who is your fighting partner?” * retching * “Granny transney? Really?!?! What the fuck?!?!” My sergeant stumbled inconsistently along the line, “I swear I don’t know where it came from, it’s not mine.” The well-ripened Maine lobster has changed color when we returned to the regions. Officers That’s why that joke has been a myth for some time in our classroom. I never mentioned it and nobody knew who did it, but as long as I was in that room, every time we found someone, Dildon sneaked in and intercepted.

(13 People Likes) Is it okay if a guy in a relationship wants a sex toy?

And a safe sex toy is something that a safe partner would never find this annoying, just as safe people are not afraid of vibration. The doll is not human, it is just the amount of silicone. The amount of silicone cannot be compared to one person. I have a partner who can buy me this kind of porn doll when she thinks it would be fun to do things with her while she is watching. Safe people are not afraid of sex toys.

(84 People Likes) As we approach the release of full sex robots

Roach release full sex robots, we are also looking at improvements in sex toy technology. Many of the original features of sex robots are applied to make life easier for sex toys. If you want to know more about sex robots you can read about their release here – what will happen to the first sex robots? Here are some of our most anticipated sex toy trends.

(19 people likes) How can I buy a sex toy?

A very cheap sex toy that looks real. You can check out dolljunctionidoll for real sex dolls and the best price for those dolls is only $ 130 to $ 150. i don’t think so. I think I have seen no low pr

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