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(59 people love it) In a few years, will Ex Machina represent the real world?

Give me 10 or more and I, the first and foremost real-life Android and robots, start looking for the rights we don’t want to see and sooner or later. It is a difficult topic because some people in the field of technology do not think it is good to move forward with AI, while others feel it is important. Moving to a place where they are thinner is dangerous and moral gray.

(85 People Likes) How do feminists react if some men have sex with a doll rather than a real woman?

Approve the person. If there are people whose interest in dolls prevents them from behaving badly towards women, that is a good thing. Unfortunately, I guess it will not work out this way. Some people practice their opposition to the doll and when they are bored they go out and try to “show” real women in the same way. Maybe I was wrong, but I doubt it. Life-style sex toys are new, but it is old-fashioned to oppose women. I would be more inclined to bet on the persistence of old features than on revolutionary i

(97 people like it) Do I spray perfume on a silicone toy?

Recommended only for spraying from a distance !! The best thing to do is to spray the perfume of your choice on a cheap sweater and apply the band on the doll’s neck instead of directly on the doll.

(47 People Likes) Does rowing on a rowing machine feel like rowing on water?

Stroke stage: The smooth transition of energy from the legs to the hips down to the shoulders. This is a great exercise because it does a good job and prepares you for physical surfing. The paddle is nearing the end of a stroke. A paddle that is properly locked in the water and forcefully loaded loses its grip at the end; The blade rotates in the water and begins to flow beyond the tip. In addition, the razor should be allowed to come off before it is finished. This is called a release. In fact, you will often see experienced sailors pulling their arms up to their chins – never to try on water. This method will give you better results on the machine. You can keep the power supply for a long time. This does not apply to the usual negative side (keeping all your weight in an uncomfortable position in the bow of the boat), because they are not floating. Putting the machine on a slide is not complete, but it can alleviate some of the problem. The best practice for rowing will always be real sessions on the water. However, paddling M

(96 People Likes) What do you do if a loved one dies, leaves you as a close relative, and spends their time cleaning, cleaning, and finding a live baby toy?

Relatives, so I have no intention of hurting his name by telling anyone about it. In any case, it does not help. They did not want to listen. It will qualify as a sex toy. I cut it and threw it in a separate trash can. No, because the owner is de I love you i love you doll ukulele chords d and cannot be paid and now the item is lost and discarded. I hope I found nothing but nature. And you know someone

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