Gorgeous Sex Doll sells superb 140cm-150cm sex dolls at great prices with free worldwide shipping. All sex dolls are made of high quality TPE and silicone material, which makes them so lifelike and like a real girl.


The best lover dolls 140cm - 150cm at GorgeousSexDoll.COM have all the features you'd enjoy in a full size sex doll, but at a lower price. 140cm-150cm mini realistic sex dolls are perfect for buyers who have limited storage space but don't like smaller dolls 100cm-125cm. If you prefer smaller sex dolls, 140-145cm sex dolls are ideal. Even in this small size, you can customize the doll to your liking by choosing hair color, hair length and eye color. You can determine the doll's nail color as well as areola color, skin tone and vaginal type. Our small real sex dolls usually come with either a fixed vagina or a removable vagina. If you prefer a slightly larger sex doll, you can choose to buy a 148cm sex doll and a 150cm sex doll. When you buy realistic sex dolls of 140-150cm, you can also add some upgrade options, such as heating functions. This luxurious addition will make your sex doll more human and surreal. GorgeousSexDoll.COM offers sex dolls of all sizes and shapes, guaranteeing the best price on a sex doll that perfectly meets all your needs. At the same time, we also focus on customer satisfaction, strive to improve the best service, and protect customer privacy. So you can definitely buy with confidence!
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