You can’t find more perfect and realistic 159cm-165cm life size sex dolls than at Gorgeous Sex Doll! We have the best design and workmanship, the best materials, the best quality sex dolls, and the best prices! Gorgeous Sex Doll can help you achieve everything you want!

Real sex dolls give you endless fun, and that's exactly what Gorgeous Sex Doll can do for you. We offer very realistic sex dolls in many sizes from 159cm-165cm. Made with ultra-realistic features and premium materials, you get a real touch and a great sex experience that will drive you crazy.Our real sex dolls are fully customizable, giving you the freedom to design your own sex doll. You can choose hair color and hair length, eye color, nail color, areola color and skin tone for free. In some functions, you can also choose by yourself, for example, you can choose a fixed vagina or a detachable vagina. In this way, you can personally participate in the design, and thus obtain a completely satisfactory sex doll.From the moment you start browsing the optional dolls, until you receive the package and start using it, our customer service is always ready to serve you, whether it's helping you find the right doll or asking some questions about dolls and delivery, they will always uphold Professional and friendly attitude to help you.
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