171cm-180cm sex dolls are tall sex dolls. You can also customize your 176cm (5ft 8in) or 180cm (5ft 9in) real love doll. All life size sex dolls are top quality and made of high quality TPE or silicone.


171cm-180cm tall sex dolls are made from the absolute highest quality TPE or silicone that not only looks real, but feels very real. These surreal life-size sex dolls make every man's dream come true. Imagine such a hot sexy woman waiting for you in her room in a provocative outfit, you can't believe she's just a doll. Feel free to browse through our range of sex dolls of all shapes and styles, there is always one to satisfy all your fantasies. Some sex dolls in this collection have voluptuous breasts, some are thick and tall, some have sweet faces, and some show a pleasurable experience, and you may have a hard time deciding which sex doll to bring home. Once you've selected your preferred sex doll, you can customize her features and functions. Her free customization options include her hair, eyes, skin tone, and more. For an extra fee, you can also decide to add a heating system, a shoulder shrug, a stand-up feature, and more. With these features, her tall sex doll can take countless poses to please you, and her temperature selection will keep her warm in your kisses and strokes, giving you the most realistic experience possible. GorgeousSexDoll.COM has always strived to provide the most affordable and high-quality sex dolls possible. Our favorable prices do not come at the expense of product quality. All the tall sex dolls here are top quality, made of high quality TPE or silicone, safe and realistic. We are definitely a sex doll seller you can trust!
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