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The story behind

GorgeousSexDoll® is a factory with over 9 years experience in producing, developing and designing realistic sex dolls. Our factory combines development, design and production in one place, offering the best realistic sex dolls in the world. We have a huge selection of high quality realistic sex dolls and different kinds of sex toys.

We offer the best prices and great customer 24/7 . Made of high quality medical grade silicone or TPE for safety and durability, Made of a metal skeleton and flexible joints, it enables any sexual pose or behavior. We have 7 warehouses around the world- USA warehouse, Australia warehouse, Germany warehouse, Poland warehouse and so on, you can receive your sex dolls fast. We have sex dolls at the lowest price yet high quality because we have our factory, not a dealer. Free discreet shipping and tax/clearance services in most counties. Contact us at: [email protected]