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(24 likes) What was your favorite childhood toy name, and is there a special reason you named it?

ging to tree trunk. I used that feature to attach it to my leg, which made it easier for me to run and play, except for minor bumps. He spoke in small voices and when I squeezed or hugged him he was very talkative, which was a lot of times; And many times I would run to my mother to get it back. Grace, the eldest son of seven, mentioned his name. For several weeks during the summer vacation, Winkie and I could not separate. love it. It was a three-hour drive, so we started early in the morning to deal with the summer heat. The sun had not yet risen. I was half asleep in the morning when I got into the car. No matter how much I shouted or protest, my father could not turn around. My heart was broken. As a child, I eventually grew up wanting to be reunited with my friend Winkie. But I will never forget that little bear. Years passed and my cousins ​​and I grew old. We are grandparents now. We’ll keep in touch with you on Facebook. A.D. In 2022, my cousin Grace posted one of her childhood pictures. She was the one who grabbed Winkin! I knew him right away. In our Facebook discussion, I told her that I remember Winkin very well. She told me about the origins of Winki. As it turned out, Winki was never mine to begin with. When I saw Winking as a good little cousin (my words are not hers) I said I was mine. But her father, Wink, had given her a gift. She loved that doll. I had no idea she was just sharing it with me and letting me play with it. Grace told me she still had it. I finally understood why my parents would not let me take Winkin home. The special reason I called his name? I did not. After Grace and I talked on Facebook,

(29 people like it) How do sex toys work?

The desire for supremacy, sex, and friendship is a universal stimulus to all of us, and we do not always act in a logical way. While sex may not be complicated enough, with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), real-life robots have come to add another dimension to our sexuality. These AI robot dolls are real toys with anatronics and AI perm in their heads.

(69 Likes) Who is your favorite comic book artist?

Statistics. I did not expect Frank Miller to come often. I admire its compositions, the use of light and darkness and the unpredictable brush strokes, although I can see my loved ones misleading people like rotten cartoons. If I don’t like the metaphor, it’s hard to pin down a favorite comic book. But the first time I saw a lot of tasteless works of art, I was a little shocked. With respect to various opinions and respect for an artist who has no pain at all, J. I present Scott Campbell. Right now, I do not have the sexuality of a bull. The pornography of women dominating the Media Niche is certainly not good, but I prefer to blame the industry leadership rather than the hard-working artists who bring us the garbage we demand. I also do not argue that attractiveness is largely driven by the choices made in symmetry and a person’s body language. I do not even oppose the intellectual project of portraying Frankkenstein as a carefully crafted Vine video as it was carefully constructed in 1993. why? Because he is considered to be striving for success in the face of relatively low risk, and he should not be surprised if he does not seem to be trying good art for my choice – another aspect I like about Frank Miller’s art. This is especially true in pornographic comic books, because, and I regret typing this, trying too hard means trying to produce too much adolescence. Although it is not neglected, it is a lie to put forth effort.

(30 People Likes) What should I do if I find out that my dear child will never be able to do it?

Being an ant, it might be. I hate to talk but you have to give up. You only hurt yourself by giving false hope to yourself. Love can only take you so far. Deliberately hurting her by loving her will still be your failure. If you allow yourself to be healed and find someone who can truly be yours. I wish you good luck, take care of it is hard but you will find love

(16 People Likes) What if you had the opportunity to write a letter for your first love?

And for the first time, I was very happy to hear “I love you” and to repeat myself to you. I have learned new things every day so that I can have a partner, share my life, and come out of nowhere. Why did you stay for only three months? I know you have another boyfriend, but he was in the USA, he never called, and he never sent a letterâ€? ! Why did you throw it all away when he decided to spend his vacation here? But, after much suffering, I lost ten pounds, I cried day and night … You still want to come with me when he returns. 5 Lots of love doll costumes S.A. You know that when he returns, you will break my heart. Even though you knew I would suffer again, I, young and inexperienced, thought I could defeat you againâ€?And, again, I defeated you by my side. And it includes the joy of finding you and everything else. You got sick when we broke up before he came back … and I gave it to him, I came back with you, I don’t want to see you suffer. On the contrary, it does not work, does it? Because you are happy to see me suffer. You want to see someone suffer because they love you. I don’t think you liked the American so much … You just loved being with someone and just seeing someone suffer because you lost someone. I have considered you a very special person for many years. After the roller coaster we started dating, we are still friends, even friends with many benefits. If we count the years we went to bed, we would be ten years old, even though the dating lasted only a year and a half. This is because I still love you – not in love but in caring for you. I still admire you somehow. But all of a sudden, at the end of our conversation … I finally got it. I finally realized that she was happy to see me suffer. It is your nature! You never worry about how I felt … You always felt something worthwhile. I am not like that. I found out that my girlfriend was suffering, so I ended up dating. When I realized that the girl was involved, I had already cut off communication with her. You need to know how to put yourself in other shoes. This is a mystery to you.

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