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Human compassion is like life

A study published in Scientific Reports in 2015 by a research team at Toyohashi University of Science and Technology in Japan provided the first neurophysiological evidence for human emotions on sex dolls. At the time, the researchers asked test subjects to view pictures of wounds on the fingers of humans and sex dolls. The results showed that the testers had similar empathy for both humans and sex dolls.

A similar experiment was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Subjects interacted with a small robotic dinosaur named Pleo and then asked them to destroy it, but all refused. People subconsciously tend to think of them as beings, although on a rational level we fully understand that they are not really beings.

Sex robot emotions and sex dolls

Tends to anthropomorphize objects

These seemingly impossible sensations arise because humans have an innate tendency to anthropomorphize everything, whether ordinary animals or plants, inanimate objects, or illusory gods. If humans take this tendency to the extreme, they are likely to develop real emotions towards humanoid sex dolls or human robots.

unwilling to be with loneliness

Another common reason for this is people’s fear of being alone. As social animals, humans have lived on Earth for millions of years, and our nature drives us to seek out companions and form relationships. If this need cannot be met in its own kind, it will be pinned on other humanoids and non-living things, including human-sized sex dolls or human robots. Wired has reported that a retired professor who lives alone sees a home sweeping robot as a companion.

Is dating a good thing or a bad thing?

Once sex dolls are humanized, our relationship with them becomes as close as anyone else’s, and the potential risks ensue. Just imagine, if the bomb disposal robot has a good relationship with the soldier, then it is not entirely impossible for the latter to sacrifice his own life in order to rescue the robot companion. In addition, the weapons “killer robots” being developed by EU countries will also threaten the security of human beings and the world.

Sex Robot Emotions and Sex Dolls 1

In general, it is definitely a good thing for humans to form deep friendships with non-living things. Nanotechnology scientist Osborne pointed out that robots have some obvious superhuman qualities, such as the ability to correct human errors in the work and improve work efficiency. Even if people know “they” won’t know the feeling, at least they enjoy it.

There are professional opinions that it is a good thing for humans to have feelings with non-biological things, but there is one condition – Akira Kitazaki, a professor at Toyohashi University of Science and Technology in Japan, pointed out: “I think if humans and non-biological things are close to society, human beings and them will be in the future world. It’s good to be in society. Empathize with them and humans for behaviors that favor closeness to society. The human robots and humanoid sex dolls we interact with should have human emotional resonance.â€?/p>

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