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(Popularity: 83) Jelena (28)

A sweet little secret. “, “I’m a PR manager and my job is to make new friends, and as an opensex doll, I’m really good at that. The best place to meet new people is the city. You can be sure that as long as there is a good party, I’ll be the star there. ‘, “My Sex Doll celestina sex doll My girlfriends and I love going out to dinner and discussing at length where and how we will spend our nights on the weekends. But of course, the question of what to wear first comes down to it. As a love doll with such a body, I really don’t have to hide myself, so my skirts and skirts are extra tight. “, “I can introduce you to my cute sex doll friends, everyone are areal doll who would love to f**ka man like you. We don’t like boys, we want mature men who know themselves Want anything and most importantly, know how to use their c**k to please sex dolls. I am totally open to sex and love threesomes with my adult doll friends.Are you expecting another real doll while I suck your baby

(Popularity: 46) Kate (22)

Or do various experiments with drugs. However, I am very experimental not only in the lab, but also in bed. Do you like this too? Then I believe we will be very happy together. â€? ”, “I’ve had so many sexual adventures in my life, it’s crazy! However, I still want to experience more and learn more. Maybe you can teach me, I’ve had some really hot threesomes. All are female only, as well as mixed threesomes or two men.fucked by two celestina sex doll At the same time a hot man is a feeling every woman should experience. “,”, “I once dated a guy who liked sexy cosplay. Sometimes he is the leading part, sometimes I am. He liked it when I was a strict teacher or secretary. But it also excites him when I take care of him as a lovely nurse. He also thought it was hot when he played bad cop and I gave him my body so I didn’t have to go to jail. Do you like role-playing games? “,”,” I would say, I also have a bit of a dark side. I’m really tied down. Sometimes I even wear a bundle under my clothes when I go to work. When the knots are pressed in places, it gets me very excited. At night, I like to find a man who slowly frees me from bondage and then treats me well and hard. Of course, I also love having sex while tied up.When I imagine you tie my arms and legs, I’m totally defensive

(Popularity: 82) What are the worst movies made by the best actors?

Ole in his film is one that critics have generally disparaged. When a film critic confronted Fellini with the fact, Fellini shrugged. “There’s an Italian proverb,” ​​he said, “Parents love the lame child.” Alfred Hitchcock gave a very preliminary screening, the first cut, of the film Psycho. Sitting next to him is screenwriter Joseph Stefano. As the film progresses, Steffano’s humiliation increases almost to the point of pain. “This,” he thought, “is the worst movie I’ve ever seen.” His wriggling caught Hitchcock’s attention. “There, there,” Hitchcock comforted him, putting his hand on his knee. “It’s real sex dolls that aren’t done yet.” Many critics now consider “Psycho” the greatest of all movies. On this point I agree. Who can know? As Roger Ebert said, “With so many films half-forgotten when we leave the theater, Psycho is immortal because it is directly related to our fears.” I watch The more movies there are, the more I believe there are no small parts. Maybe the actor needs a work, he didn’t think too much about the script, he couldn’t see how the movie was made, and the role was insignificant. Sometimes, that actor goes on to win an Oscar. I want to fill an album with pictures of those actors whose work shines like rare gems, sometimes in a pile of crap. Uma Thurman played Medusa in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, and I watched her 10 minutes of screen time a dozen times. Tony Shalhoub is the open-eyed alien pawnbroker in Men in Black. Dale Dicky is the strong-willed and very dangerous matriarch in Winter’s Bone.There is classically trained Canadian actor Douglas Rain, with a lilting and vicious voice

anime sex doll

anime sex doll

love doll

love doll

(Popularity: 48) What is it like to have anal sex with a sex doll?

I’m a WM doll making sure the doll is inserted from the back without feeling anything.

(Popularity: 76) I’m a 16 year old bisexual and I want to try anal masturbation but don’t know where to start, I can’t buy any sex toys, what should I use and how?

Lubricate it and your anal opening, if you have one too. Gently press your finger against the opening of the anus. Don’t just feel your external sphincter (anal muscle). Take a deep breath and keep pushing hard (but not yet). Tighten the sphincter very hard (like you do on the toilet) and hold it for as long as you can, but about 30 seconds or so, still breathing deeply and regularly. You shouldn’t be able to maintain muscle for too long! When you can no longer hold your glutes, relax your sphincter as you exhale while pushing your lubricated fingers in! Push only as far as your hip muscles allow, but don’t force it. Stop if you feel pain.if celestina sex doll You feel a little sick, and that’s fine. Let your butt get used to where your fingers are (it doesn’t need to go all the way in), but keep breathing deeply. You may feel your internal sphincter pulse/contract (spasm), eventually it will adapt to your finger and then the internal muscles will start to relax. Take a regular deep breath, then tighten the sphincter again as you inhale, but this time around your fingers (partly, where is it). Then relax the muscles as you exhale and you should be able to push your fingers all the way inside. Your anal muscles may even pull your fingers in. Wait a minute and let your butt get used to your fingers. Relax now.. Next, feel the prostate. A small walnut shape that should be up (from where your fingers are, aiming for your ball and the base of the cock) and back, up. Be gentle and take your time. You should get a response when you find it, it’s very responsive. Now gently massage or stroke it. Finally, to feel the full force of it all, try jerking with the other hand and continue massaging with your fingers. It might be easier to almost sit on your hands/fists, but in a comfortable way. If you successfully ejaculate, you will discover a whole new experience as WM Dollsall spasms your muscles while your prostate enlarges and gets massaged! Orgasms are usually very powerful. Try not to make this a game, just enjoy. Take your time, explore, enjoy, and good luck! EDIT: good hygiene helps, you want to remove residue, not wash off y

(Popularity: 100) Why don’t they make so many Barbie and Ken dolls with real hair now?

I don’t remember answering any questions about dolls before, but I think it’s best answered by the CEO of the doll company…they might have a problem with human hair with bugs or something, not synthetic stuff…

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