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(17 likes) Why is the 5 ionization phosphorus energy so much lower than silicon?

, [math]Z _ { text {Atomic Number} = 14[/math]And atomic phosphorus; [math]Z _ { text {Atomic Number} = 15[/math].
[math] underbrace {1s ^ {2} 2s ^ {2} 2p ^ {6} 3s ^ {2} 3p ^ {2}} _ { text {C atomic electronic configuration, Z = 14}}[/math] [math] underbrace {1s ^ {2} 2s ^ {2} 2p ^ {6} 3s ^ {2} 3p ^ {3}} _ { text {Electronic configuration P atom, Z = 15}}[/math] To arrive now [math]C ^ {4 +} (g)[/math] We get rid of them all [math]3 g[/math]And [math]3 p[/math]Valence electrons .. Intense process�On the other hand, the fifth ionization event requires the removal of the inner core. [math]2 p[/math] Electron�and this must have a higher energy value than the fifth phosphorus ionization, e.g. Desperate young love dolls H [math]3 g[/math]

(20 People Likes) Do men really mean that they do not like surgeries?

Hey, like natural breasts compared to fake breasts. I’m not just talking about appearance when I say I like natural breasts. Most fake breasts are about money. Make money as a model or meet men who have money. This can lead to exploitation and a general sense of insecurity. It can also be a sign of narcissism. The women who pay for them are often attractive and there are better ways to spend $ 5,000 on new body parts. In addition, they often do not match the shape of the naturally occurring breasts so natural breasts always create a slight sexual sensation. This tends to shift to a more feminine look and feel. Actresses with fake breasts have a lustful and sometimes rude lifestyle. In most studies, the attraction is this for men. We love women who are not bright and live a normal life. We started talking and we came to the conclusion that there is no way they can be real. After two glasses of wine, we set out to inquire about them. We may not be normal but the night is late and the restaurant is almost empty. It was probably one of the funniest, simplest speeches I have ever seen. The hostess retired and one day we were saddened. She always wanted big breasts so it was more or less a bucket-list item. She talks in detail about the cost, the healing process, the “designâ€?process, breastfeeding, back pain, flirting, and so on. She was in her 50’s, but she was still beautiful. Her point of view made all the difference Desperate young love dolls He calmed her down and made her wonderfully sex in the world. Judgment on the breast depends not on the individual pair but on the woman

(79 People Likes) Why is the world so angry when boys love dolls and sculptures?

TR)), Dioramas and basically any beautifully pleasing sculptures. There are many people who collect such images. I have some friends who sometimes joke about “dolls” but they do it jokingly, and they never insult me ​​or make fun of me. There are many hobby websites. I collected my statues out of self-interest, but now I have too much and I gradually began to discard it as interest was reduced and it was an expensive hobby to collect. Go ahead and collect your images. You can make a profit on your hobby. Create a

(71 People Likes) Do you buy sex toys for your child?

A mother knowing her child’s preferences in sex; If he has a special interest in sex, he can take care of them himself. It is my absolute personal opinion that pornography is a foolish choice, unless it represents an animal or a child, unless it represents something you cannot legally obtain. So I would not give anyone a sex toy, just as I would not give a penny to anyone like Justin B Sex Dol Torso, a rusty old car, a two-wheeled statue, or a toilet-shaped coin. Bank – Because there are people who really like things like that

(37 likes) What is the closest Westerner to what most Muslims hear about Muhammad’s cartoons? Many Westerners’ feelings about the content, sale, and distribution of child sex toys – morally very disgusting but harmless?

A real sex toy and rioting when someone insults Islam, Muhammad or the Qur’an (or when they feel insulted). In fact, Muslims should take it easy on this issue. I do not really understand why their religion and pictures think they need their “salvation” so much. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes[2] Or killing people.[3] On the contrary, such acts have caused great harm to Islam and Muslims. It is almost a short cut for those who want to prove that Muslims are uncivilized barbarians in the West. Burn the Qur’an in public or run a cartoon contest of Muhammad and some Muslims always – somewhere in the distant lands – react violently and attract the whole community based on that. This adds to the narrative and, worse, gives them the freedom to talk to people who do not have any beef, so they support such events. And what do Muslims get? nothing. I hope Muslims understand the value of freedom of expression in the modern world. The next time such an event occurs, I hope they happen and leave only the organizers. And when a few such incidents go unnoticed, the rest of the community will stand by you to condemn the deliberate attempts at propaganda. You have the right to freedom of expression without fear of reprisals or legal consequences. If you want to have a pork barbecue in front of the mosque during Ramadan, there is nothing to stop the community from calling you a tyrant or holding a peaceful protest.[4][5]

Instead, when you draw a picture of Muhammad, you will be more successful if you riot and kill a person.[6] PS á?á?initially this question was specifically directed at me: “What does Raziman TV think about the controversy over the Prophet Muhammad and how do some people justify the anger of Muslims when they use the freedom of expression to describe Muhammad in cartoons?” Do I need to explain the anger of others now? Thanks for letting me know! Footnotes
[1] Insult
[2] Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon controversy – Wikipedia
[3] Charlie Hebdo Shooting – Wikipedia
[4] Barbeque Pegida in Rotterdam op laatste moment afgel

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