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An Asian man who fell in love with a sex doll recently announced on Facebook that he “has a son” and shared a happy photo of a “family of three”. This caused heated discussions and attracted multiple media reports.

sex doll

Asian man Xie Tianrong fell in love with the character “Asuka” in the anime “Evangelion” and bought this anime sex doll and named it “Miku”.Thanks Tianrong future as his wife. He always shares his daily life on Facebook and takes a lot of pictures to show his love. Earlier, he even gave Miku an iPhone 12 Pro to show how much he loves the doll.

At the beginning of the year, he even announced on Facebook that a “new member” had been added to his family. The child is a doll in women’s clothing. At the same time, he also posted a photo of a family of three. It can be seen that Xie Tianrong’s face is full of happiness, the topic is no longer, and few netizens express their blessings.

In addition to sparking heated discussions among netizens, many foreign media also rushed to report the news. Xie Tianrong also thanked the media for their attention on Facebook. He said that because the lover doll is delicate and fragile, it needs to be maintained regularly; many people are curious whether he will have intimate behavior with Miku, but Xie Tianrong claims that he has never thought of such a thing. He said: “Don’t talk about intimacy, I haven’t even tried kissing. I’m afraid the sour taste of saliva will hurt the skin of the sex doll.”

love sex doll marriage

Not only Xie Tianrong, but in November 2022, the Japanese otaku Kendo Kondo married “Hatsune Miku”, which caused heated discussions; in December last year, there was also a fitness trainer Yuri Tolochko (Yuri Tolochko) and sex doll tamara Who completed the wedding in Kazakh. Also generously shared the wedding scene on Instagram.

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