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We know that sex dolls are made of two materials: silicone and TPE. In the production process, it is often necessary to mix accessories such as silicone oil to keep the sex doll soft. But it also caused the doll to leak oil in daily life, making it impossible for the doll to wear various types of clothing to prevent it from getting dirty or damaged.

So would you dress a sex doll? The so-called people rely on clothes, beauty depends on clothes. Even if a person is not so handsome and handsome, wearing the right clothes can add a little charm. This principle also applies to sex dolls.

No matter what clothes you choose for your sex doll, it’s beautiful, and different styles will give you a different personality and feel. But what kind of clothes do sex dolls wear, how do they dress elegantly, There are some issues to be aware of:

Firstly, Before wearing clothes, you need to apply a layer of talcum powder (talcum powder) on the surface of the sex doll. This will make the doll look more realistic and easier to wear.

second, please do not wear brightly colored clothes for the doll. Because silicone is oily and won’t wash off the color once stained, sex dolls are best dressed in white, light pink, or flesh-colored clothing. this is very important. Sex dolls are most afraid of being dyed.

third, sex dolls are not suitable for tight-fitting long-sleeved bodysuits. Not easy to wear and hold or squeeze for a long time, it will cause the surface of the doll to dent, so it is not recommended to buy.

fourthDo not wear clothes with sharp corners or accessories, such as brooches, sequins, chains, etc., because of the risk of scratching the doll.

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