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JY uses a brand new gel technology in their TPE sex dolls to reduce the weight of the advertised weight you see on each of our product pages. Every weight on the JY Doll product page can be reduced by choosing a supplement. mini sex doll She came up with it after meeting a friend who sold silicone companions. “I visited a friend and he showed me a doll,” Shirley said. “Then I thought: ‘This is fun. “”

So don’t hesitate to consider doing it. This can really help you a lot. Get a sex doll exactly to your liking and enjoy the night. It’s that easy. cheap sex doll Of course, there are plenty of men even sex robots (the market is small). Or man, can I compete with man robots for housework and sports 6 packs?

Norma : 168cm Realistic C Cup Blonde Curly Sex Doll

So if you don’t consider the price factor, using the best silicone material can not only ensure the composition and three-dimensional effect, but also a good idea.

Like other Gynoid Tech dolls, the skin texture and fidelity are second to none. The way the skin textures to this surface is unreal.

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